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Moreover, a little bit later sunlight also went off at evening.

The car was moving along a narrow road in a dark forest and we got very much scared. there was nobody outside there as that was winter time in that small hilly town.

We were very much frustrated for not having a kid of our own. Four years ago, in the winter time we went to himachal for a tour. We thought that we will be able to reach khajhier by evening but the driver told that that was impossible to reach there in one day.

We planned our tour to khajhier from shimla by some hired car. When we mentioned about the distance and asked him that he should drive the distance in 6-7 hours.

But my hubby told him that we have no other alternative but to do accordingly what i mentioned.

He agreed and went inside the hotel to get the room booked.

He mentioned that we were thinking in terms plain land travel but that was hill road traveling and he can take us to khajhier only next day evening.

When we asked him about the possible places of our night halt in the way he told us not to worry about that as he will manage for us in some hotel at jwalamukhi.

He came back just two minutes later and told us that all the rooms were full and only a three bedded room was empty but that can be given to a family.In fact if not known earlier, anyone may think that they are two brothers.We came to know from him that his wife stays with his parents in one small city of himachal along with their two children.After completing the formalities of registering our names (off course fake we gave) we went to the room. Though it was mentioned as a three bedded room but actually there was a very big bed inside the room on which there were three pillows and only a single big blanket on it.We got ourselves very much in a unwanted situation.

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During the journey we were also talking with our driver.