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£2.000 was fare over what they could get hold on with such a short notice, and they were not allowed to contact anybody. Since long she had realized that she had become a quarry slave for life, with no hope of ever getting free again.

After a very brief trial the same day, they were both sentenced to work off their debts doing hard labour, and sent to this hot and isolated place. Amy had been put in another chaingang and she never saw her again.

This is the first chapter of a very long story, with connection to a North African prison camp.

In this first chapter we follow half a day in an inmates life.

Water is too expensive to waste on infidel whores, a matron had told her laughing.She had been tall and slim with curly reddish hair to complement with her milk white skin, slightly freckled across her face, and sparkling green eyes.Used to that all men and even some women turned their heads after her in the street, or began flirting with her when she was sitting alone in restaurants and bars.So they spend their break for lunch in the airconditioned cafeteria near the gatehouses.All the fluid the prisoners receive is mixed in the porridge given each evening, never in a cup or can to drink.

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She knows that tools are much more expensive than women in this part of the world.

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