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So, if you think you have met the most amazing woman or man to have ever walked the planet…take it slowly, because it can go off like a sky rocket to only end up in a pile of dust.

For a small minority this behavior becomes addictive.

So, what precautions does one need to take in order to keep safe and enjoy the experience of finding love?

Just as with any new relationship, there's always a chance that disappointment, disillusionment or a broken heart may end up the result of your efforts rather than love and satisfaction.

People may start talking as though they are fond of, or deeply attracted to, their new partner; they may make plans involving them, or intimate that there will be a future only to end it abruptly or change their mind.

Not all people using dating sites (or in life in general) are honest, well-adjusted or well is wise to be cautious.

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