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Is warrick dunn dating anyone

Thomas Worden's name appears on electoral rolls for the South Australian district of Barossa in the 1890's and 1900's; his address is given as "near Williamstown" and his occupation as "sawyer". We have been honored by a visit from representatives from the Adelaide Association, who spent a day visiting the principal beekeepers establishments of this neighborhood. Perhaps Mr Farrell's friends included not only certain magistrates, but also certain newspaper editors.Newspaper extracts reveal that he also contracted for council work, and kept bees. The annual meeting of the Independent Bee-keepers Association was held in the Council Hall, Williamstown, on Thursday, December 20, Mr. We feel that the interchange of visits like these tend to make us understand each other better than can possibly be the case in the absence of them, and we are therefore pleased that as a result a friendly spirit of cooperation is arising among the members of the other associations and ourselves which will no doubt tend to mutual benefit. Click here to display transcriptions of the two articles referred to above, and a follow-up in the Register.In giving a full report of the proceedings before the Magistrates in this case, we abstain from any comment on the evidenceleaving our readers to form their own opinions from that of the assault alleged as they best maybut we should be wanting in our duty to the public, and in our regard to the due and impartial administration of justice in South Aus tralia, were we to offer no remarks on the way in which this case was conducted, or upon the extraordinary manner in which it was closed.When the prosecutrix, in connection with her father, applied to the Police Commissioner for a summons against the Rev.It cannot be Thomas' mother, since she died before the autotype photographic process was invented. I presume she died at home, since the registration record gives the place as "near Williamstown". Thomas Worden died on 9/8/1921 and is buried in the Williamstown Cemetery in plot 27. Two of the daughters died in infancy: Gertrude Mabel Worden died on 29/7/1875, aged 15 months, and Lelia Ethel Caroline Worden died on 24/7/1875, aged 3 years. I have found marriage records for those who remained in South Australia, and varying amounts of extra information about their descendants. Although Abraham's headstone says that he was 79 when he died on 25/9/1896, his baptism record tells us that in fact he was at least 81.It could perhaps be Ann's mother, but my best guess is that it is Thomas' mother's sister, Amelia Huntington (who was, I think, wealthier and of higher social status than Ann's mother). The burial record incorrectly has his name as "Warden", and I did not know about it when I visited the Williamstown Cemetery. He was married on 11/6/1845 (at the age of about 30) to Sarah Charlesworth, who was born in Sheerness, Kent.Although his wife and his children were all born either in Cornwall or in Devon, it is quite possible that he came from the north of England, where the name Huntington is much commoner than it is in Cornwall and Devon. All of the images of people shown on this page were sent to me by relatives descended from Thomas and Ann. But in any case it is clear that the brothers remained in close contact with each other throughout their lives.Ann Eva was born in Wendron, Cornwall, in 1835, the daughter of Samuel Eva and Elizabeth Caddy, who were married in Wendron on 19/1/1824. Unfortunately, in most cases the identities of the people concerned are unknown. Worden.) What a magnificent collection of given names! Neither of them married, and they were both buried in the Bonnie Doon Cemetery. An inquest was held into Isaac's death, and the Deputy Coroner found that he died of senile decay.

It is possible that Ann's parents were living in Henwood at this time. Phillips, presumably the Joseph Medland Phillips who had married Ann's elder sister Elizabeth. He was born in the Parish of Indellion, Bristol Channel, Cornwall, on June 27, 1835. This is somewhat ironic, since earlier in 1845 Sarah Charlesworth had charged the Rev. He was acquitted, but the South Australian Register made a strong attack on the conduct of the case and the manifest lack of impartiality of the magistrates involved.

Both Ann Evas were born in Wendron, as were all other members of our Ann Eva's family, with the exception her youngest brother (Richard Caddy Eva). It is my guess that the photo shown above was taken in the mid to late 1890's, and that the man in it was in his early 60's. It seems to me quite possible that the middle image of the three below shows the same man at a younger age, and I think the other two are probably sons of Thomas and Ann. The second son of Thomas and Ann may have been named after his father's brother (Isaac) and his mother's uncle (Josiah Eva, who—so I believe—had come to South Australia a few years before Thomas and Ann). Samuel's elder brother Abraham had also been an assisted immigrant to Victoria, arriving there in July 1841 on the Westminster.

He was born in Altarnun in 1845, and the family (without Ann) was living in Altarnun in 1851. On the back of the leftmost of the three someone wrote "Great Granpa Worden", which would mean Thomas, but someone else has added a question mark. Their first daughter was given her mother's surname as a christian name; her other two christian names, Jane and Amelia, were the names of Thomas' mother and aunt (his mother's elder sister). Worden — It seems likely that Isaac and Albert went to Victoria in 1886, because the notice below appeared in the "Missing Friends" column of The Argus (a Victorian newspaper) on 14/7/1886. Probably someone misread someone else's handwriting. Perhaps even the handwriting was so hard to interpret that something like "I. Since Abraham was baptized on 13/7/1815, he was probably 26 when he arrived in Melbourne, although the immigration record has his age as 24.

It is noted in the parish register that Thomas was 20 months old at his baptism; observe that indeed 27/2/1837 is exactly 20 months after 27/6/1835. It would truly have been a remarkable coincidence if a different South Australia Worden with initials similar to .

Thomas' mother was born in St Germans, Cornwall, the daughter of John Huntington and Elizabeth Pinch. Albert Edward Augustus Worden died in the Ancona District of Victoria in 1932, aged 72, and Isaac Josiah Eva Worden died in the Mansfield District of Victoria in 1937, aged 79.

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I am glad to hear that a movement is on foot to test the English market, and I trust the result may be satisfactory. The defence was, that the girl, who had only gone the day but one before into Mrs Howard's service, was a heavy sleeper, and that, at Mrs Howard's request, the Rev.

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