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Noladating com

” They are active members of an alternative carnival krewe like Krewe du Vieux or Chewbacchus, and are also in a number of community groups, most often concerned with violent crime, gentrification, Airbnb, or bike theft.

They’ve finally learned how to properly and quickly peel crawfish.

Stay in it long enough, and you’ll inevitably wind up going out with the Big Easy’s archetypal characters, and should you be unclear on these stereotypes, here are the ones that tend to stick out when you’re looking for love in the Crescent City: Every game, every festival, every play, every local indie screening, every parade, every show, every happy hour... The phrase “let’s just chill out this weekend at home,” is entirely alien to them.

You won’t have to ask how long they’ve been here, because at some point very early on they’re going to tell you.

They hate it when people call them “hipsters,” but still refer to young people with full-time jobs that require a suit as “yuppies.” You can find them watching flicks at Indywood, drinking at the Hi Ho Lounge, or painstakingly crafting your latte at Byrdie’s, when they’re not making art, clothes, or jewelry from recycled materials for the Frenchmen Art Market (and of course their Etsy shop).

They’ll date corporate types out of sheer curiosity and free meals, but don’t expect it to last unless you’re cut from the same (vintage) cloth.

Like the classical greats, you can often tell if they’re any good by whether or not they have students.

They have WWOZ on the radio at all times (when they’re not “shedding,” rehearsing, or playing live), and are most likely “420-friendly.” Don’t hang out with this person for too long if you don’t have a keen interest in music theory and history, and aren't willing to hear them talk endlessly about it. You know the look: tats, gauges, calculatedly eccentric hair, and a serious interest in vintage or handmade duds.

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And don’t even think about “slumming it” by going out in a neighborhood like Bywater. New Orleans is brimming to the gills with them, and chances are you’re going to go out with at least one of them sooner or later.