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In the previous post we created and tested the continuous delivery pipeline for the Azure resources using a ARM template, and with the pipeline for deploying the Azure resources we are now ready to create the pipeline to deploy the application.

Everytime Server name is updated, all parameters has to be setup again. So [...] Many people who know me know that I am not the fan boy of Android devices.I will explain this further in an upcoming blogpost about Autopilot.Now, in this [...] I am a Config Mgr consultant by heart where I have spent most of my IT-career designing and building Config Mgr Solutions for customers.The script in this post retrieves all the departments that gets collected by the Users AD attribute by Config Mgr (Not turned on by default needs to get added.See guide below) and from those departments it creates a user collection with a query that populates the collection with all users who are [...] Previous: Continuous Delivery Web Apps with ARM Templates, Part 1 Cross-posting from personal blog https://So it has been some busy months and therefor a bit delayed with this second post, but now I finally got a moment to finish it, so here we go!

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So if any of you should come across this challenge (which is of course the most of the world), then here is a code-example on how to do it: It's a small console application that output all [...] Maybe a misleading headline for my blog post, as it’s really the opposite message I’m trying to deliver.