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The freedom to work on one form of gender-specific violence has opened the door to their involvement in other forms, such as domestic violence and early, forced marriage.

Refugee girls, unable to escape these isolated camps, have requested UNHCR protection, ostensibly against forced marriage, revealing a challenge which protection officers and concerned refugees girls see as the next step in a process: protection against female genital mutilation and its consequences. UNHCR protection staff involved with the WVV Project have been sensitized to, and generally allowed to act on, the intricate link between protection and assistance.

This has been ground-breaking work, particularly regarding the staff's ability to combine the two disciplines, thereby reinforcing their effectiveness. Previous documents on progress in implementing UNHCR's Policy on Refugee Women reported persistent obstacles to the equitable provision of protection and assistance.

It would appear that efforts made to reduce the gender bias in UNHCR's protection and assistance activities may sometimes be diluted by mainstreaming. The protection work of the Project and other UNHCR collaborating staff is direct, practical and creative.

Miss Confidence wants a young and promising guy with lots of positivity.UNHCR found that, as in many other situations of civil conflict, the rape of Somali women and girls had been used as a weapon of war.In this case, the manifestations of the conflict, if not the origins, are clan-based.The dramatic reduction in bandit attacks on the Dadaab camps following the construction of the thorn-bush fencing has removed one of the major causes of sexual assault within the camps. Material assistance provided to local police has greatly improved their capacity and willingness to confront the bandits, address incidents of sexual violence against refugee women, and treat the survivors with respect.Police dealing directly with the survivors of rape have received training on UNHCR's mandate and the basic tenets of refugee and human rights law relevant to day-to-day camp realities, contributing significantly to the creation of a team spirit between UNHCR and the local police. The protection staff have combined support for refugee initiatives with human rights education through dialogue with heads of family and elders on gender-specific protection problems of the women and girls in their community.

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This review examines the implementation of UNHCR's Women Victims of Violence (WVV) Project in Kenya, launched in October 1993 and to be integrated into the Office's operations in that country in July 1995.

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