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Sexy devils dating sexy sexinthecity sexy devils co uk

The charms feature a heart-shaped locket and a key. It’s a bit disappointing that the “invention” turns out to be nothing more than a dog whistle for vamps. Who knew Ancestor Gilbert’s crazy invention extended to ALL supernatural creatures? ) All Hell Breaks Loose In a scene eerily reminscent of those Civil War-era flashbacks from the Blood Brothers episode, Uncle John decks the town Sheriff, and proceeds to round up all the writhing headache-suffering supernatural creatures of Mystic Falls, tossing them into an abandoned building, which he promptly douses with gasoline. The Evil Creepo Dude enters the building and STAKES ANNA . (Did NOBODY else in Mystic Falls see the Extremely Hot Man writhing on the ground?

and sank into the ocean.) The problem with Emma’s celibacy speech, is that it seems less designed to keep her students safe, and more designed to keep them , simply so SHE doesn’t feel “left out.” More inspired than Emma’s speech, however, are the “chastity charms” she gives members of the Celibacy Club, and, it seems, anyone else who wants one. Because, honestly, I can think of a WAY more appropriately symbolic place to hang your chastity charm than on your boob, if you catch my drift . Cue the very slutty entrance of Holly Holiday a.k.a Gwyneth Paltrow a.k.a. Damon hears this and promptly goes into full protective boyfriend mode, threatening Jeremy that he better be kind to his sister, “Or else.” At which point, Stefan magically appears . But before, Damon can rescue Stefan and “his girl,” Uncle John breaks out the crazy invention, and we finally get to see what it can do. “But they aren’t vampires,” claims the Mayor’s wife / Tyler’s mother. If you’ve been reading online interviews about the show, it should be no secret that Tyler comes from a family of werewolves, a fact that will undoubtedly be explored in greater detail during Season 2 of this show. He does this, presumably in hopes that when this is all over, his true identity will not be exposed to the town. However, she surprises everyone by stopping the burning, and allowing Damon to get free .

I am happy to report that, this finale did, in fact, deliver! ) It was truly everything all those spoiler blogs promised, and so much more! (And that’s saying a lot, especially considering how much I love my shirtless men! “I’m Here to Eat Cotton Candy and Steal Your Girl” Tonight’s finale started innocently enough. And then not so chaste, complete with hands around necks and fingers in hair. In classic style, of course, that “O” is interrupted by none other than Useless Aunt Jenna, who forces “Elena” to (But note the “invitation,” because it’s going to become important, in just a few brief moments.) As the two leave, Damon strokes his mouth, and you just know the memory of that kiss will take an eternity to erase. By way of a truce, he offers to cook a meal with her.

In the student lounge at lunch time, Emma complains to Will and Beiste about the alarming sluttiness of the student body. Elena tries to smooth things over with Jeremy, but he basically tells her to go to hell. He also, at first glance, has a traitorous vampire on the inside to help things along, Vampire Anna . She warns Damon of the respective plans of both the hidey hole vamps and Uncle John. who, while driving with Caroline and Matt, swerves upon hearing the sound, and gets into a massive car crash, leaving Caroline extremely wounded. The second death belongs to the Mayor, also killed on the scene, at the hands of Damon himself (having woken from his headache). The two duke it out a bit over the merits of dating and befriending vampires. We worry she’s merely doing this to speed up the death process for the Grandma-killing blood suckers she hates so much.

Now, cue the 21-Gun Salute that takes place in Will’s pants . Through a flashback, we see Holly showing her class how to put a condom on a cucumber. He nods imperceptibly, and probably for the only time this entire season, we watch Damon pine, just a little bit, as Elena walks away to talk to her brother. w=98&h=150" alt="" width="98" height="150" srcset=" w=98&h=150 98w, w=196&h=298 196w" sizes="(max-width: 98px) 100vw, 98px" / . Except now, he has the “invention” to help him out. But all is not as it seems, because Vampire Anna is playing both sides. giving us our first major (and very sad) death of the episode. ) Outside the now-burning building, Elena, who has come to realize that her friend Bonnie is a total poopyhead, who lied about curing the vampire torture invention, confronts her fairweather friend.

From the moment Isobel called Damon out on his love for Elena last week, he has made sure the world knows his feelings! After having been surprisingly civil to one another these last few episodes, Damon and Stefan really went at it this week. ) To a sincerely angry and depressed Jeremy, Anna extols the virtues of vampirism in a way that we heard echoed by nearly all of the vampires on this show. Because, really, is there anyone on this show more emotional than the vampires? With all of their friends rescued, Stefan finally has time to confront Elena about Damon’s purported feelings for her. He feels fortunate that Stefan and Elena saw something in him, worth saving.

When Stefan questions him about why he’s at this event, he remarks, in classic Damon fashion, “I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl . .” (By the way, do vampires eat in Unlike many television characters who find themselves on the outskirts of a love triangle, Damon is NOT a silent piner! ), a wistful Damon discusses the nature of his desire for redemption.

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