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For a more complete guide to Montessori education, including a discussion of the Montessori method and philosophy, start with our introductory guide.There are lots of private Montessori schools in Ottawa. The Element nurtures focused, engaged and internally motivated students who strive to do their best.These schools vary in terms of their classroom practices, curricular approaches, program offerings, and special needs support. The Element High School provides conditions that will put youth ‘in their element,’ in school and beyond.[View profile] For general advice on how to choose and evaluate private schools, check out our choosing a school guide.Private school tuition can range from ,000 to over ,000 per year for day students.There are no public Montessori schools in Ottawa, though some public schools use certain Montessori principles and materials.For advice on choosing Montessori schools (including preschools), see our Montessori choosing guide. Private school expos are a great starting point for finding a school.Our annual Ottawa private school expo allows you to speak with many private schools, including some Ottawa Montessori schools and daycares—all in one place. Another great resource in your school search is the Our Kids parent discussion forum.

This includes accredited or certified Montessori schools, across the greater Ottawa area and the CMA.They usually work with students one-on-one or in small groups.They often encourage students to repeat and practice activities, and they plan projects to meet each student’s learning needs.The cost of an Ottawa Montessori school tends to be lower than the cost of other private schools in Ottawa.In fact, Montessori schools are usually on the lower side of private school tuition in general.

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Progress is assessed informally, through observation and developmental rubrics, rather than formally, through grades or report cards.