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But surely at some point I’d rush into a burning building or pull someone out of a wrecked, burning car moments before it exploded and save the hot young woman from certain death and she would fall in love with me. Indeed, most people I helped rescue were elderly, extremely obese, ugly, married, or MEN.The guys at the house were merciless with me because they knew what I wanted to happen; making fun of me after I pulled granny out of her burning car—giving her CPR to save her life—I became “Lucky Mann” (my name is David Mann).After several weeks of checking messages, making contacts and being disappointed, I started to check less and less frequently.

I realized that porn wasn’t what I really wanted; I wanted interaction with someone—someone real.

And since I’d spend so much time at the firehouse and eating there, I’d save my paychecks and I’d be rich in a matter of a few years! Not long after I finished school, I was hired as a full time fireman.

The fire chief pulled me aside on my very first day on the job to give me a piece of advice.

He said, “Listen kid: you are going to get a lot of advice over the next few years from these guys.

Some of it will be good; some won’t be worth a shit.

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To me, it was the ultimate real life “superhero” job.

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