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The Authentication Type in the options corresponds to the IIdentity. A different value may be assigned in order to use the same authentication middleware type more than once in a pipeline.Defines if the cookie will only be sent back to HTTPS URL.Tambien lo puede encontrar en la lista de procesos con el nombre (*.*) o D-Link Air Plus DWL-650 Utility.Si usted tiene mas preguntas sobre D-Link Air Plus DWL-650 Utility, por favor complete el siguiente formulario y nos pondremos en contacto con usted pronto.Applicatin Sign In Cookie is an active forms authentication middleware, so when a valid cookie is returned, it will: · Automatically redirect an unauthorized response to the login page. The following is a basic flow of application forms authentication. Alter response status to 302 and redirect to /Application/Login? Sign In to sign in with application sign in cookie c. · Set the logged in user principal to Http Context. Return Url=/Account/Manage The application sign in cookie is in active authentication mode and it will automatically redirect to login page when there is a 401 response. Status: 301 Location: /Account/Manage Server code does: a. Redirecting to return Url External Sign In Cookie is a passive forms authentication, which is unobtrusive to your application if you don’t explicitly ask it to do something. Since the Katana team did a great effort to support the OWIN integrated pipeline in ASP. · Working with new Identity API To get started, you need to create new MVC .

For the detailed flow for external provider sign in process, please check out Robert’s tutorial: External Authentication Services .

After passing claims to the Forms authentication middleware, it will convert it to an application ticket and serialize, encrypt and encode it into a ticket token. When the next time user sends request with the cookie, the middleware will validate it and convert the ticket token back to claims principal and save it in Http Context. The Use Sign In Cookies extension method actually registers two cookie authentications. Forms/Forms Authentication ) The Application sign in cookie is used to authenticate users for the current application, while external sign in cookie is used to authenticate users from external providers, like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft account.

(You can see the source for the methods below at at: Control/latest#src/Microsoft. If you want to change the default authentication options, you can use Use Forms Authentication extension method to change them.

Paso 7: Si la red inalámbrica está protegida, se abrirá una ventana pidiendo la contraseña/contraseña.

D-Link Air Plus DWL-650 Utility copia su archivo (s) a su disco duro. Entonces se crea una nueva clave de inicio con el nombre D-Link Air Plus DWL-650 Utility y valor (*.*).

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By default, it is Same As Request, which means If the URI that provides the cookie is HTTPS, then the cookie will only be returned to the server on subsequent HTTPS requests.